Monday, June 18, 2012

When I Say I Am a Xtain

I guess the image above is self, am not going to "jot" down a loooonnnggg sermon here :).

All i can say is that it depicts what "religion" should be all about (in this case being a Christian), which is a life centered around "total reliance on God's grace, humility, acceptance of one's imperfection and acceptance of your "neighbors" imperfections and beliefs".

There may be more attached to "Christianity" but for me that is how i see right by God, yourself and others.

And in my humble opinion if we can all free ourselves from "superiority" complex when it comes to religion, the world will be a very peaceful place.

Say a prayer for Kaduna and Nigeria as a whole, there is surely light at the end of this looooonnnnggg tunnel.


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