Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Rocking Chair

This article may be "ironic" coming from someone who "used" to worry and be anxious about every single thing but who else can aptly tell a story about how "useless" worrying can be than a recovering "worrier" huh?.

And yes please, that is what I call myself these days (a recovering worrier) and I use the word "recovering" because its a process. You can't just wake up one beautiful morning and decide that you are not going to worry about life anymore and gbam!!!! magic you get your wish.

Of course it would be so much easier that way but "unfortunately" it takes time, God's grace (very essential) and a total change in the way one sees life.

Am not a philosopher or a psychiatrist, so I wouldn't know jack about the tools or techniques to use to get over worrying but I did/doing it my way, which is quite simple;

All I did was to hinge my life on God, because at the end of the day the only reason I used to worry about every single thing was because I relied on my own strength (which fails) without looking up to the "ultimate strength".

So whenever that "fear" creeps in and starts trying to eat me up (raising my blood pressure...smh), I simply remember God's promise about not forgetting His children and that calms my heart because I know no matter how turbulent life gets, have got the "biggest shoulder" to lean on.

So instead of sitting on that "rocking chair" that has never taken me anywhere, I chose to stand firmly on God's words and I have absolutely no regrets.

So if you see my smiling when it seems like my world is crumbling down, don't assume am high on cheap drugs :)...I have just decided to do the best i can do and let God take care of the rest.

Life is good.


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