Thursday, September 6, 2012

Unconditional Love

It feels good to be back (sort of...since am still posting this article via a guest writer :) ).  Well, my "writing juice" has been low for a while now, it seems to come and go as fast as fuel in Naija does (one day its here in abundance and the next its gone bringing with it endless queues). 

Fortunately for me, I got a reliable "black marketer" (Ms. Faith Alfa) who knows where to get a constant supply of fuel (writing juice in this case) and she graciously wrote and forwarded two articles, which am going to share with YOU, my adorable reader :).

I dunno know where to start but I know I want to write about unconditional love and in all truthfulness when I think of love and the 'unconditional' one for that matter,  GOD comes to mind.

Am guessing if I asked you guys (and girls), the meaning of 'love' you'd all come up with different meanings of love.  When I seat to think of it though, ultimately God is Love. God loves us beyond measure. He is so patient with us. We do all these bad things and because of His nature (which is love), he opens His arms and heart to us when we return to Him.

The Bible gives all these wonderful attributes of love, which as far as I can tell only God is able to give and be. So truly God is Love. Hey, take for example the beauty of being able to wake up, even in the dead of the night, call on God and the 'knowing' that he'd be listening to you, or the concept of knowing a God who never sleeps nor slumber, who'd watch over you, day and night? Or the joy or knowing that he cares so much for you that He gave His only Begotten Son to die for you. I can go on and on but am sure you get it now, the awesomeness of God is beyond words and the depth of His love........... I think, can only be imagined.

God Loves you and me unconditionally.  When you are up remember that He gave You the blessings of being up and when You are down, remember God is always available to lead and help You, (if you are willing to listen) and also that all men ( who you think can help you) are only, but instruments in His hands. Essentially, I hope we learn to value this great gift of Love, unconditionally given to us by God.


Written by Faith Alfa (Guest Writer)


  1. I like the short story ontop…gives it a kick into the intro. A sensational piece, wisdom, inspiration and 7ish

  2. Thanks a mil Anon...."We" are glad you liked it :)

  3. Its brief as well as encompassing. Food for the soul


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