Sunday, November 24, 2013

Imperfect Moment

Semira, you haven't written a thing in months, what's wrong?

Is your blog still active, I haven't seen any recent post?

Why have you stopped writing?

....and the list goes on.

As always my response is usually a mumbled; I haven't being in the mood or ehen, I will post something soon (when I know at that moment "soon" means the same thing as never).

The truth is I have been waiting for a sign from Heaven, a thunderous voice that will say "Semira, my beloved Child, pick up your keyboard or keypad and type", then I will suddenly get inspiration from above and start writing like a maniac.

Obviously I don dey wait tire because the only thunderoussounds I have heard so far are the noises emitting from my neighbours' generators.

So after waiting for that very elusive perfect time, I realised there is really nothing like perfect timing.

What really makes an activity "perfect" is doing it even when you don't feel the whole vibe.

The realisation that those imperfect moments are actually made perfect by our actions.

Nike (the brand not Nike in Ibadan) knew what they were doing when they picked the motto "Just Do It".

The truth is right now I am not totally in my element, am writing this post and one little critic in my head is telling me "shey, you have come again, let's see how long you will last this time"?

Btw: sometimes I think my inner critic is just a mean old woman because I can't understand how a voice can be filled with so much negativity.

Anyway, let's ignore her.

Back to the matter....

What really matters for me is RIGHT NOW.

This imperfect moment where I get to talk through my words and do my favourite thing.

What really matters is the happiness am deriving from just doing it.

And yes, of course I am surely going to come down to the moral of my story which simply is:


It may not be the perfect time to start writing that book; just do it.

It may not be the perfect time to hit the gym; just do it.

It may not be the perfect time to start something new and positive in your life; just do it.

At the end of the day what really matters is how well you made good use of an imperfect moment.

Now I always love hearing from you guys, so do feel free to tell me what you think; Is it right to seize the moment or instead wait for that perfect moment?

Be inspired....xoxo.


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